Atelier de création - Avolavit (Paris) - Septembre 2022

Over the course of my adventures and experiments, I have picked up a whole host of tools on my way to create a clear and benevolent framework to promote the creative process.

I therefore recently embarked on the adventure of creating a singular workshop, nourished by the many class and training courses that I myself have followed.

This workshop is intended for semi-professionals, professionals and technically autonomous amateurs in search of new resources and group energy conducive to the creation of a new act.

In view of my background, I only focus on individual aerial disciplines: aerial silk of course, but also aerial rope, aerial hoop, straps, any type of solo trapeze, and chinese pole.

These workshops can be given in different time frames, combined with technical courses or not.


From September 9 to 11, 2022: 3-day workshop at Avolavit (Paris, France) 

From October 24 to 28 : 5-day workshop at the Initiation Cirque school (Brussels) 

From February 20 to 24 : 5 day workshop at the Initiation Cirque school (Brussels)

If you are a school, a place that can host the workshop, or simply if you want to chat, do not hesitate to contact me !

Little improvisation balls
Little gift from my students - october 2022