Julien Fournet


Collaborator in charge of the body · circus · choreographic part

2022 · 2023 · 2024 · 2025

L’Enfance Majeure is a multidisciplinary project taking place in the public space, including the participation of children in the creative process but also during the performance.

Several exploratory axes have emerged : the demonstration of the potential of groups, the joyful acts of appropriation of the public space, the treatment of the fundamental question of trust. This is the heart of the project: trying to understand and master how the birth of a feeling of community is orchestrated, which allows self-confidence and confidence in the group.

Research period : 2022-2025

Premiere in May 2025 in Mars – Mons arts de la scène 

Agathe Meziani/Lucie Yerlès

Agathe & Lucie took part in a 3-day intensive personal development seminar.

Confused by this brutal and intense material, they decide to spend a week at La Bellone to unfold the material. On Thursday, March 9, 2023, they will try to offer an insight into their experiences, supported by their critical and situated points of view. Accompanied by their thoughts, 72 hours of audio recordings, notes, notebooks and their memories, they show us the behind the scenes of their experience.

Projet de recherche en duo


Photo Hichem Dahes

Mediation collaborator – Leading reality workshops/exhibition

2019 · 2020

What if reality was just a fabrication of our brain? When we draw a comparison between the human brain and the universe, we discover surprising similarities. By the incalculable number of cells that compose it and their connections, the brain is just as impenetrable as the universe is infinite. The great fascination of the study of the brain is based on the hope that men place in it to learn what they are and to go a little further in the exploration of the definition of their existence. Former biophysicist specializing in brain plasticity, now an actor, Yvain Juillard offers us, during a conference-show, to question the functioning of our brain in order to question the multiple nature of reality.

Cie XB312

External eye/coach for body and choreographic part 

2021 · 2022

Mirko, Beps and Lise, three children with an overflowing imagination, have decided to fight against the injustice that their school wants to impose on them. They quickly understood the cogs of the “dictation” that is in motion and undertake expeditions to fight against this black chaos in which humanity will soon plunge if nobody does something. Mission one : Go get the blue notebook watercolors that contain all the imagination of the world in order to help the inhabitants of the planet XB312, dominated by the large putrid mouth with shards of glass. Faced with various obstacles, they will have to thwart the traps with cunning and courage.



Sébastien Chollet · Coralie Vanderlinden · Cyril Briant 

Photo Alice Piemme

General assistant 

2018 · 2019 · 2020

In the not so distant future, after the collapse of the world has taken place, three gravediggers are busy, digging, filling a wheelbarrow. They question each other, seek each other, try to remember the past. In the dry and arid land, you can see bones, and corpses waiting to be buried. We hear the sounds of insects, sheet metal bending, wood creaking, wind.

With Cyril Briant, Laurent Caron, Coralie Vanderlinden

Director: Sebastien Chollet

Text: Thomas Depryck

Lighting design: Laurence Halloy

Sound creation: Éric Ronsse

Outside eye: Nicole Mossoux

Puppets: Loic Nebreda

General assistant: Lucie Yerlès

General management: Mathieu Bastyn